sabaa - سبعة ٧ - Transparency
1Financial transparency
We reject the external and ambiguous funding that, in our opinion, is related to dependence on abroad. In our funding, we rely only on the party’s activities, the personnel’s subscriptions, the contributions of Lebanese individuals and institutions, and the Lebanese state. We rely on transparency in our sources of finance and good management of the platform’s funds and capabilities. We are keen to contract with an independent auditing firm with a high reputation. We commit ourselves to publishing our financial statements periodically in a transparent manner. Thus, "Sabaa" would be the first Lebanese party to adopt this transparent mechanism according to international standards.

Non-audited preliminary data for the pre-launch period: 
Financial and in-kind contributions on 30.06.2017
Detailed expenditure data on 30.06.2017
Financial statements on 30.06.2017
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