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In policies
We seek to achieve a collective and fruitful national contract, a modern and pioneering country in the Middle East, and a modern state based on human well-being, productivity, knowledge economy, technological development, social justice and the sovereignty of the environment. We are a pragmatic middle party in the economic and social outlook. We move away from the demagogic and doctrinal policy that was clear long ago, and we enjoy all kinds of available options and projects to design suitable solutions in all sectors.
We draw up our national policies taking into consideration that Lebanon is made up of hundreds of towns and a number of cities. Our project is not limited to our vision of large cities only. We also consider that the basis of our mission is to protect the middle and poor classes as we consider Sabaa as the voice of every citizen who lacks a platform to deliver his voice. This approach will allow us to design realistic policies that simulate the citizens’ problems throughout the country.
We move away from class alignments and extend our hands to the businessmen and the honorable economic force to join the historical revival we have decided to achieve at all costs in order to achieve the "New Lebanon" project.
We are preparing a comprehensive and ambitious national economic and social project that will move Lebanon to the rank of the leading countries. Also, we intend to involve all the country’s components in the preparation of the "New Lebanon" project, which is our first electoral project because it is not permissible to ask some specialists to design a home project away from the citizen’s participation.
We put the human being at the heart of our national work in all policies and give the citizen's happiness, well-being and security priority over all considerations. We also work to secure a smooth path for the human from the moment of birth until the end of his life. Therefore, the human will accompany the "New Lebanon" project:
- In order to ensure the best start of life, childhood and academic years
- In order to ensure the first job
- To build his family
- While getting older
- Upon his retirement
- During his ageing years
We attach the highest priority to the individual as he is the final destination for development. Thus, we are seeking to enhance the qualities that should be developed in individuals to ensure their ability to achieve the "New Lebanon" project through smart campaigns that create a new identity for the Lebanese citizen in the "New Lebanon": it is the identity that will be carried first by Sabaa’s affiliates with pride.
We design our policies to move Lebanon from its current position to an advanced position as a leading and good country to live and work in and to be the preferred destination in the region for visitors and investors.
We are armed with a modern approach in the era of globalization. The world has become one market in which countries compete for investments, tourists, trade, services, energy resources and jobs. We take this approach into consideration while drawing up our policies and preparing our comprehensive project that will put Lebanon at an advanced position in the region and the world making it a leading regional center in all vital and social fields. We are also taking into account that Lebanon's competitiveness is not a goal in itself but comes always within a wider vision aiming at raising the citizen's happiness and human well-being in general.
We consider that one of the most important elements of the state is to provide social and vital services to all its citizens, including those with middle and low income, who make up the bulk of Lebanese citizens. We aim at reducing poverty, eradicating illiteracy, and providing basic services in health, energy, income and education at the level of high-end countries.
We are working on modernizing public administrations through the implementation of modern international standards in quality of service, automation, productivity, good governance, specialization, administrative decentralization and easy access to information.
We believe that the concept of public-private partnership, with high standards of application and control, as an option available when needed, is one of the characteristics of modern economies. It is a pivotal concept in bringing about the comprehensive and rapid national revival required to compensate decades of decline in all sectors and to enable Lebanon to join the world's developed societies."
We believe that providing jobs opportunities is one of the best "social programs" and we are aiming at creating collective job opportunities that reinvigorate the national economy, raise the morale of the individual and restore hope for a better future.
We consider the environment as part of national security, and we aim at protecting it through strict new legislation and laws, so that future generations will inherit a better environment that what we inherited. We are committed to the Paris 2016 agreement to contain global warming and we are taking the necessary operational measures to achieve its objectives.
We give education and human development a high priority. We are working on modernizing the educational system and bringing about a complete revolution in the sector that will enable the emerging generations to compete in a modern digital world economy and contribute to building a modern pioneering and fair society.
We consider the systematic migration of the youth as a national loss that drains the nation's capabilities of ambitious youth and brains. Thus, we are working to create collective work opportunities in order to recover our homeland.
At the same time, we consider the Lebanese expatriate network, a national wealth that gives Lebanon a global and intercontinental dimension. So, we are trying to take advantage of the Lebanese spread for the benefit of the country. In this context, we are promoting the importance of the restoration of citizenship by Lebanese expatriates.
Achieving these goals requires an uprising to liberate the citizen from his daily need to a political class that has systematically destroyed the state institutions to become the sole reference to the citizen’s needs and requirements.
Since the building of a modern state can only be achieved through a radical change in the Lebanese political and party life and the establishment of new parties that undertake to change the reality and the uprising against it. Therefore, Sabaa will lead a comprehensive coup against the current reality and the existing political standards to liberate the citizen and to undertake a historic revival.

"Sabaa" goes beyond the classic concept of partisan political action in the Middle East, representing a pioneering model for the Lebanese society and the region.
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