In light of the state of frustration experienced by the citizens, it is time to bring about a radical change in the political arena and a "comprehensive" overthrow against the status quo to liberate the citizen through an eminent national revival. In this framework, the reform of the political situation will only be achieved through a comprehensive change of the concept of political parties in Lebanon. Political parties and movements constitute the real true source of the authority. Actually, the current parties no
longer meet the aspirations of the Lebanese people, who are now lacking a real platform to organize their participation in public affairs. Therefore, a group of citizens have designed a new state of the art platform to help develop organized political action in Lebanon. They put it at the disposal of society aiming at uniting and organizing the energies of the multiple forces of change, representing the silent majority. Which Under a single modern identity, sends hope to the citizen and constitutes a means capable of confronting the oppressive ruling parties. In this context, we announce the establishment of “Sabaa”, a new, large, non-traditional, modern, and non-sectarian national party, designed to serve as a leading example for political parties in Lebanon and the region. "Sabaa" adopts the principle of participatory democracy, which means involving the citizen in all decisions and policy-making. It also adopts sound and modern methods of governance and state of the art communication techniques, and encourages the success and development of the individual in political party work. "Sabaa" adopts a modern and a nontraditional system, which provides collective leadership out of the people, gathers the different citizens' capacities, the rotation of positions of responsibility and the orderly rotation of the authority. Furthermore, it renounces all kinds of fallacies, inheritance and administrative corruption. From there, the revival will begins and then new ideas, new projects, and new leaders will follow for the purpose of a “new Lebanon”
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