sabaa - سبعة ٧ - Concepts that distinguish Sabaa
Concepts that distinguish Sabaa
  •  "Sabaa" is a platform designed to be put at the disposal of the community after a careful diagnosis of the ailments of political life generally, and partisan life particularly. It was not necessarily designed to be led by its designers. It is actually a modern machine that aims at liberating the citizen from the traditional power and a tool that allows organizing the participation of citizens in political life. "Sabaa" will allow the silent majority to bring about a comprehensive revolution on the fait accompli and to confront the governing authority since three generations in an effective and professional manner. Sabaa’s structure and system were designed to implement all the party’s principles and to contain citizens and activists in all tracks and to ensure the continuity of the institutional work regardless of the successive people or administrations. Thus, coming generations will be able to inherit a stable platform that will develop with time and prevent all types of delinquency reached by the traditional Lebanese forces.
  •  We adopt the concept of participatory, modern democracy, which is the backbone of our system and structure. It is based on the participation of the party base in the mechanisms of the emergence of all authorities, making important decisions, drawing up policies, preparing electoral programs and accountability.
  •  We adopt a modern, open and easy affiliation mechanism far from the traditional mechanisms that call for the oath of allegiance to the party or leader: Loyalty should be only to the homeland. In our view, the concept of party or modern platform necessitates leaving a wide margin of ease of affiliation or withdrawal to the individual. In fact, this comes as part of the universal criteria that make engagement in party work a personal matter subject to the will of the affiliate and far away from the bureaucratic, organizational and demagogic complexities.
  •  We adopt a modern structure with new concepts, which provide effective performance in the territory of the homeland, proves the party as a serious and responsible player in the political arena, and gives a new model of political action.
  •  We are keen to prevent those in charge of the party’s administration and structure - the Secretariat - from assuming official national positions which will prevent the abuse of power and the exploitation of the capabilities of the party in favor of a person or group – within the party management – in order to build personal leaders.
  •  We adopt the concept of the shadow government, a concept that is adopted for the first time in party work in Lebanon. The shadow government will be entrusted with monitoring the work of the national government in addition to ensuring professionalism and specialization in sectoral partisan policies and preparing electoral programs.
  •  We are keen to involve national experts and influential figures in public affairs in the party decisions through the establishment of a board of trustees that will have an advanced position in the party structure. This will provide the party with the necessary expertise and broad wisdom as well as a network of national and international relationships.
  •  We adopt a non-presidential structure and a modern system that shows our goal of abolishing fallacies and applying participatory democracy. Moreover, we adopt the concept of collective leadership since there is no party leader enjoying the maximum of powers, so we adopt a participatory leadership through a clear mechanism that sponsors party decisions making. The elected executive committee is considered as the supreme executive leadership of the party, which is an executive council that balances policy specialization through the shadow government on the one hand and the party administration - through the politically uncontrolled secretariat which is closely linked to the internal party administration – and the added value of wisdom and national experience through the involvement of representatives of the Board of Trustees on the other hand. It was necessary to adopt this approach in the executive leadership to break the high culture of personal leadership, which mocks in Lebanese politics.
  •  We adopt specialization and competence in the internal positions and in the presentation of candidates to the official and national sites. We also adopt the principle of "Lead by Responsibility", which gives a broad power to each official within the framework of his responsibilities and prevents assuming executive positions just for distinction and obliges leaders to assume their responsibilities.
  •  We give all attention to the process of creating new leaders for all positions. To reach this goal, we establish the "Institute of Professional Policy" based on the concept of policy practicing, the importance of building the affiliates capacities in order to enable them to excel in their work in public affairs and assuming the best national and party responsibilities so that these new leaders spark in society.
  •  We give high importance to the mechanism of emergence of party authorities, we ensure the highest degree of transparency, contract with specialized independent bodies to manage and monitor our internal elections. We also adopt a system that prevents the candidacy of a third term for any party position which will allow a constant renewal of the leaders, ensure rotation in all positions of responsibility and face fallacies and the instinct obsession with power. We consider this to be one of our fundamental and irrevocable principles in our system.
  •  We pledge that affiliation with Sabaa will remain free under any circumstances. Sabaa is a platform open to all and not a club locked like the traditional parties. If the individual decides to contribute financially, he will do so willingly and paying as much as he wants.
  •  We reject external and ambiguous funding as we attach it to dependence on abroad. We rely solely on party activities, personnel contributions, and contributions from individuals, Lebanese institutions and the Lebanese state. We rely on transparency in our sources of finance and a good management of the platform’s funds and capabilities. We are also keen to contract with an independent and high reputation auditing firm.
  •  In our management, we use modern communication technologies which ensure high productivity and allow direct and continuous interaction of citizens and affiliates the party leaders. All this comes in the concept of participatory democracy in order to convey their new ideas and proposals concerning the proposed national and party issues and to ensure a productive, distinct and effective management.
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