sabaa - سبعة ٧ - In line with global trends
In line with global trends
In the spirit of professionalism and the utilization of international expertise, in order to establish Lebanon as a viable state, a partner in international initiatives, we take into account the development of our policies, standards and international trends, especially those emanating from the United Nations. In this context, we take into consideration, while preparing the "New Lebanon" program, the 17 “sustainable development goals” of the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Plan which outlines a framework for joint international action in securing sustainable development within member states individually and collectively. This plan and its implementation in member countries will be adopted as a fundamental criterion in the assessment and classification of these countries by the United Nations and international organizations. Actually, "Sabaa" is the first Lebanese political party to adopt these goals as one of the basic frameworks in shaping its policies and preparing its programs.
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