sabaa - سبعة ٧ - Sabaa
Sabaa is the new large party in Lebanon, the only real national and cross-sectarian platform designed to organize the participation of citizens in public affairs and to create new leaders ... in the global sense of parties.
Sabaa is not an orphan or beginner initiative. It is actually a serious and ambitious political project on the Lebanese political arena today.
This party’s goal is to become the largest political party on the nation's territory.
Sabaa is the political platform that the Lebanese people lacked and it truly constitutes a bridge of transit towards the new Lebanon. Sabaa’s members come from all classes, sects, generations and regions.
Sabaa is our new identity in politics in Lebanon,
Sabaa is ambitious, courageous, dreamy, responsible, sovereign and modern
Sabaa is rebellious, incubator, human, loving, pioneering, free and determined.
Sabaa goes beyond the classic concept of Lebanese political parties and forms a modern new model of political action that follows the latest technologies and political and social concepts around the world nowayday.
Sabaa provides an umbrella for citizens covering them from many backgrounds for the sake of a joint, organized and harmonious political action.
Sabaa is a national initiative led by the Lebanese citizen himself and designed to be at his service. It aims at transmitting the fair platform as well as the organized mechanism that we lacked to the coming generations, so that our children would not suffer all that we suffered.
Sabaa has been professionally designed to confront the political diseases in Lebanon and the traditional parties offences.
Sabaa has been designed to break down social and psychological barriers and to liberate the citizen and put him on top of the political pyramid.
Sabaa represents the cause of human dignity who sacrificed in the past to be liberated from the outward enemies and decided today to rise against the concept of blind dependency to a person, a family or a party which is a concept that no longer exists in all the civilized world countries.
Sabaa was not designed to be led by its designers but in order to put it at the society’s service to be led by the citizen since it is a platform that serves the individual instead of being served by him.
Sabaa allows every citizen to achieve his dreams and aspirations to build a new Lebanon and it is a tool in the hands of the change forces used to confront a political class that failed us for more than three generations.
Lebanon today reached a dramatic situation due to the systematic destruction of its institutions, its economy and its human being. Thus, Sabaa became an urgent and inevitable rescue that will be led by the citizen!
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