sabaa - سبعة ٧ - Our ethics
Our ethics
  • The base of our affiliates’ represents the Lebanese social fabric in its cultural and social diversity. We reject all forms of racism, class and sectarianism.
  • We believe in political action based on ethical and human values.
  • We adopt transparency and accountability in political action.
  • We put the interest of the homeland ahead of the interest of the community, the region, the individual and the party.
  • We consider that the task of the parties is to provide a modern platform for collective and organized political action, placed at the disposal of the community and the individual. We also consider that the platform is the property of the total members and is not owned by any party, individual or family.
  • We believe that the persons in charge of managing the platform are requested to provide a professional service - stripped of personal and political interests - in order to ensure a distinguished collective work and create an atmosphere and conditions suitable for the individual’s success in his national work within the group.
  • We reject all types of political inheritance, domination and fallacies in party work and believe in the principle of collective administration, specialization in responsibilities and regular alternation of powers.
  • We respect the human being and work to develop his abilities and push him towards progress and success. We encourage individual initiative and seek to build new leaders in all fields and sites. This issue is considered to be an essential part of our mission.
  • We give all attention to professionalism and excellence in party and political work and we put competence and experience ahead of personal relationships as per the distribution of responsibilities.
  • We respect the difference of opinion and trends in internal debates and consider the area of ​​difference and intellectual storm as a fundamental part of the requirements of the modern political platform and the source of new ideas. All discussions take place during the internal meetings, under the principles set out in our system and in the framework of mutual respect and lofty goals, centered on the success of common action and productivity. Moreover, we pledge to come out with a unified voice and speech according to the official decisions, immediately after the end of internal discussions.
  • The respect for the dates of internal meetings is an integral part of the ethics of mutual respect that we value.
  • We give due consideration to the respect of the structure hierarchy, the administrative system and all the party’s principles in order to ensure an upscale and productive experience of the joint party action.
  • Sabaa’s officials will not participate in any movement or other political group until they get the general secretariat’s approval.
  • Within Sabaa, we work as individuals rather than groups or wings, under a unified identity: the identity of Sabaa.
  • We respect the final decisions of the jury in cases of internal differences and consider them a fair and unbiased judgment and we abstain in all cases from using any internal disputes as media material.
  • Sabaa’s affiliates are obliged to declare all their property and money in Lebanon and abroad in a transparent manner, immediately after assuming any official national position. We consider any failure to implement this pledge to be a flagrant violation of Sabaa’s principles and a direct cause of the most severe accountabilities as it directly damages the image of the platform.
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