In the spirit of transparency adopted by Sabaa, we have listed below the most common questions raised by some citizens when announcing the launch of Sabaa, in addition to our answers.
We hope that this list will be sufficient to answer your questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or through the suggestions form at the bottom of the page.
What is the meaning of the name seven and why it was chosen?
The name Seven symbolizes the sign of victory for which we work. The idea was to choose a non-traditional name that would remain in the citizen's mind, away from the large number of traditional names of national parties and fit the revolutionary, young and modern identity of the new platform
Why did not seven announce their leaders on the day of announcing their launch on 19.10.2016?
Seven is not a "traditional" party founded by a number of citizens who aspire to lead a party. Seven is an unconventional initiative to create a modern platform for organized political action within a modern structure and a professional system, placed at the disposal of the citizen. It is not designed to be driven by its designers, but rather by leading citizens who belong to it after its launch - and during the founding phase extending until February 2017 - and demonstrate leadership qualities. Therefore, the founders of seven decided to announce the Executive Board before the end of February 2017. This is in order to allow citizens with experience and leadership qualities to join and receive their positions within the structure ... Instead of imposing the platform on society, specific leaders, starting from the first day of its inception Which would have closed the door to options for citizens who will belong to seven after the launch. In this context, Mr. Asaad Al-Duwehi was appointed as the spokesperson for seven during the founding phase.
Who is behind the seven financing?
Sabaa of the funds were funded by the contributions of a number of citizens who came to the conviction that creating a new platform for political action in Lebanon has become a national necessity. The continuity of the seven, its success and expansion depend on the contributions of the Lebanese citizens in general and the extent of their embrace of this platform, which was created to be placed at the disposal of society. The financial statements are available on the Transparency page.
Is it normal for ordinary citizens to fund a party?
The culture of responsibility, individual initiative and self-sacrifice for the homeland are at the core of Lebanese identity. As many have sacrificed their lives and health for the sake of the homeland, in addition to the huge sums spent through philanthropy in Lebanon, the first seven donors see financial contributions to building a modern platform for political action - in the shadow of traditional parties - Presented in order to build a new Lebanon.
Why did not the seven at its launch offer an integrated program of solutions in all sectors?
Seven platforms were designed by civic activists to be put to the disposal of society and were not designed to be led by their founders. But to be led by the citizens who belong to it - during the foundation stage extended until February of 2017 - and enjoy leadership qualities. Therefore, seven founders did not wish to impose a program on the participants at the start-up stage, but only general principles, a working methodology and a professional program preparation mechanism. The integrated program is the first command of the first seven Vstadh (which will be announced at the end of the foundation stage) composed of citizens who will join seven during the foundation stage. In this context, seven will begin within weeks, and a national campaign and a workshop set in which "new Lebanon", which will achieve a qualitative leap at all levels and puts Lebanon in an advanced position in the Middle East. Program In this context, we consider that the style of traditional parties in the development of their programs no longer meet modern standards, neither in terms of mechanism nor spirituality. We believe that the development of a national project Aujth comprehensive homeland by a limited group of experts cooperating with these traditional parties, lacks realism and comprehensiveness and credibility. Within the framework of the concept of "participatory democracy" - the new one adopted by "Seven", which requires the involvement of the average citizen and all segments of society in political work, we will participate in the design of our policies and the preparation of our programs, all concerned citizens and national civic bodies concerned. Which will give seven programs credibility and legitimacy of popular.
How can he not be the president of the seven and why?
We follow a non-presidential structure and a modern system that shows our goal of abolishing personalization and applying participatory democracy. We adopt the concept of collective leadership, not a party leader with maximum powers but participatory leadership through a clear mechanism that fosters partisan decision-making, provides richness of opinions and deepens the approach. It was necessary to follow this structure in the senior executive leadership in order to break the culture of personal leadership that is mired in Lebanese politics. Seven aims to establish a new school in the political work in Lebanon based on humility, accountability and public service in its global sense.
How did you join the seven?
Affiliation to seven easy:
First: "You must send an application form to join the seven, electronically" through this site through the "Join Us" page, or to our center in Badaro at the address mentioned at the bottom of this page.
Second: The competent department reviews the seven application forms and communicates with you as soon as possible in order to facilitate your admission to seven, except in rare cases in which it is difficult to accept membership for specific reasons related to the status of the applicant.
Is swearing a requirement for membership of seven?
Sabaa modern enrollment mechanisms are open and easy. Far from traditional mechanisms that call for the oath of allegiance to the party or leader. Loyalty to the homeland only. In our view, the concept of the party or the modern platform necessitates leaving a wide margin of ease of affiliation or withdrawal of the individual.
Do members pay seven contributions, such as members of traditional parties?
We pledge that membership will remain free for seven years under any circumstances. Seven platforms open to all and not a club locked as traditional parties. If the individual decides to make a financial contribution, he will do so by the full amount of his will and the amount he chooses. Of course, citizens' financial contributions remain the primary and most important source of funding for seven.
Why was the Badaru area chosen for the main office of Sabaa?
The Badaro region was chosen as the "Tammas" area during the days of the civil war and today is a zone of excellence for all Lebanese communities. In addition to what it has represented as a center for non-sectarian change forces that struggle to confront a corrupt political class. Today, Badaro - with seven - has become a "new" title in Lebanese national politics
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