sabaa - سبعة ٧ - For these reasons sabaa were created
For these reasons sabaa were created
Lebanon is a rich country in terms of its climate, nature, scientific and cultural level, human capacities, natural and oil resources, and its democratic, banking and commercial system.
Despite all these positive factors, Lebanon reached the brink of collapse in 2016 due to mismanagement of politicians and parties that ruled the country for three generations. The ruling parties failed the citizen time and again and fell into political heredity, corruption, sectarian discourse, and love of greatness. They also abused the power, reserved decision to foreign countries and resorted to the mysterious funding in the absence of full authority, transparency and accountability.
Today, we have lost hope in the current political class, and we refuse to give it another chance after it has brought us to a dramatic situation at all levels.
Thus, in order to come up with the right solution, it was necessary to make a frank, courageous and liberal diagnosis of the traditional parties.
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