Contribute to support Sabaa financially
Contribute to support Sabaa financially
Sabaa is funded by Lebanese citizens and rejects any donations from foreign countries or parties. To ensure the success of this initiative, our approach cannot be shy or classic only through small gatherings or through social networking sites. The seriousness of the challenge requires confronting corruption and face to face domination with its weapons. Our roof is high and we will use all available means of advertising campaigns on television, radio, social networking sites and we will hold meetings in all regions, etc.
Sabaa depends first and foremost on the Lebanese citizens’ support and embrace. Therefore, we give utmost importance to any material or financial support no matter how small its value is.
You can contribute financially to support Sabaa in general or contribute to the financing of a specific project that Sabaa aspires to implement. Under the concept of transparency, we undertake to publish our financial statements periodically through the “Transparency” page of this website.
The party's latest activities
"Sabaa" launches a plan to recover looted funds
29.09.2017  00:00:00
After Lebanon entered into a major economic spiral in which public debt reached $ 75 billion, due to systematic theft of the state treasury by Lebanese leaders and their followers since 40 years to the present day, Sabaa launched a plan and proposed a "looted money recovery" law which allows to monitor the increased wealth of all leaders and their assistants and trace their property in Lebanon and the world, including real estate, corporate stocks, jewelry and all property, and their retrieval to the state treasury if it is corrupt.
The plan includes the following stages:
- First: Creating a unified public opinion on the importance of retrieving looted money from leaders through a systematic awareness campaign and launching a national electronic petition.
Second: Sending the draft law to the 128 MPs. In case of non-response, they are considered as facilitators of a historical looting operation.
Third: Assigning a hotline for citizens to provide information on corruption operations since 1975. Fourth: Communicating this issue to the world media and submit a complaint to the United Nations in the spirit of Chapter V of the Convention on Combating Corruption that Lebanon joined in 2009.
Fifth: Involving a global network of investigative journalists to begin the process of chasing looted funds.
Sixth: Cooperating with international lawyer to help dealing with these issues.
Finally: Nominating citizens in the upcoming parliamentary elections to carry this issue of national pride! This plan is part of the Sabaa’s Electoral Program and a national battle until our looted money is restored!
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