sabaa - سبعة ٧ - Our basic principles
Our basic principles
  • We proceed from our belief in our ability to bring about a radical change in the Lebanese political action, to restore hope to the homeland, restore our control over our destiny, and regain our sovereignty and our lost rights.
  • We see that the limits of our ambition for the homeland are the limits of our dreams and we consider that Lebanon is in dire need of a new ambitious pragmatic approach. We work to spread positivity and to strengthen the will of the people. We carry out campaigns that help the homeland get out of the state of collective frustration resulting from the accumulation of losses. We diffuse hope by achieving a promising future which will play a "fundamental" role in achieving this goal.
  • We see Lebanon as the ultimate homeland for all its people and a model of multiculturalism within a civil state that preserves all freedoms, respects human beings and separates religion from the state.
  • We swept away our past which includes the founding stage of the State of Lebanon and we are currently looking forward with openness and positivity. Also, we are rejecting the re-questioning of the state entity and its constitution and we are open to modernizing reforms.
  • We believe that Lebanon lacks a large, modern political party that meets the citizen’s aspirations. We consider that a revolution in party work in Lebanon is a fundamental part of our goals. "Sabaa" is the modern platform that will convey the concept of parties and political action to a high and unprecedented level in Lebanon and the region.
  • We consider that the problems of the operational system in Lebanon and the multiple crises are not due to a lack of technical solutions, projects or proposed rules. Lebanon is rich in centers of studies and researchers and all kinds of projects are fully available. But the main obstacle lies in the corruption and mismanagement of the country and the lack of clear vision and leadership competencies.
  • We regard the Lebanese citizen as the supreme authority in the political pyramid and we seek to establish a new school of political action based on humility, transparency and accountability in all positions and institutions.
  • We face all kinds of corruption and illegal enrichment in political work and we consider this task to be the core of our work. We also reject all kinds of power abuse and the exploitation of public offices for the sake of private interests, including the use of the state's capabilities for personal purposes or interference in the affairs of other authorities, including justice and security.
  • We call on the politicians with official positions to declare all their movable and immovable property as well as their properties in Lebanon and abroad with transparency. We consider the lifting of bank secrecy to be insufficient in any way and we call on the judicial authorities to apply the law of illegal enrichment in full and follow the sources of inflation of the wealth of the politicians concerned and their families. We also criminalize donations and suspicious and unsecured loans from banks to politicians. We reject the joining of politicians and their relatives to the boards of directors of major financial institutions, except in the case of a transparent statement on the details of real investment operations conducted by the politicians concerned, indicating the sources of the amounts invested. In fact, it is time for the Lebanese citizen to take his national interests seriously without compromising.
  • We seek to spread the culture of transparency, productivity and good governance in the state departments. We consider that excellence and professionalism in management is not limited to the private sector and is applied in the public sector normally. We also reject administrative corruption decisively and work to purge the state administrations of corrupt officials and adopt strict laws to deal with this serious scourge.
  • We are seeking to erase the concept of political inheritance within parties - including the tacit form of it (underneath democratic mechanisms). We consider inheritance, families in power, fallacies and feudalism as a state of corruption, a part of the past and the main factor in the backwardness of the Lebanese political system, which prevents the development of the state and the creation of new leaders that move the country to its natural position.
  • We consider the Lebanese people to be one unified component, united by the Lebanese national identity we cherish. We reject sectarianism in political, social and party work and reject as well the concept of sectarian parties. With respect to the freedom of belief and tradition, we consider trading in religious sentiments as an exploitation of the Lebanese citizen and an attempt to mislead his priorities and another kind of political corruption. We also consider this dimension of sectarian politics as the first enemy of national unity, the main cause of sectarian strife and an imminent threat to the nation's existence.
  • We reject dependence on foreign countries and we put strict controls on their interference in the country's internal affairs. We adopt a foreign Lebanese sovereign policy based only on national interests, and we refuse to engage in any regional or international issues or axes. We also work to re-correct the role of ambassadors in Lebanon according to Lebanese laws and international standards, in a way that preserves the homeland’s sovereignty and the citizen’s dignity.
  • We are seeking to enforce laws that prevent parties from accepting financial contributions and assistance from outside parties, in order to preserve national sovereignty. Furthermore, we are seeking to adopt laws that prevent any Lebanese political official from receiving any political funding from foreign countries, associations or organizations as this kind of funding is considered to be a flagrant violation of national sovereignty and security. As for the Lebanese charitable associations that receive funding from abroad, they must abandon the banking secrecy and obtain additional approvals from the Lebanese government departments which are required to periodically examine the way these foreign donations are exchanged.
  • We urge people to respect the Constitution and the laws in general and we work on developing them with the aim of achieving a qualitative leap in human life at all levels and putting Lebanon in the place of a leading country. In this context, we are also working on the development of the constitution, including the reform of the gaps in terms of preventing the vacuum in the formation of the authorities starting from election dates to the formation of governments, regardless of any political differences.
  • We consider that it is the duty of the legislator in Lebanon to ensure a fair and modern electoral law that ensures the correct representation of all components of the country. We consider that the concept of proportionality is one of the most important elements of this law. We also consider that the extension of the mandate of elected authorities or delaying elections for a technical period of more than three months is a serious violation of the constitution, an attempted coup by the authorities concerned and a crime punishable by law.
  • We demand the extension of state authority over all Lebanese territory and the application of laws and regulations strictly to all citizens and residents without exception as we consider this approach to be the core of our national vision. We also regard any state or force that violates the sovereignty of our territories or our territorial waters or airspace as an aggressor or enemy force will be fully repelled by the Lebanese army.
  • We consider that the individual has the freedom to choose between personal civil status law and the law of any sect and that this right is an essential part of the civil state established by the Lebanese. We therefore demand a law for optional personal civil status in the fastest time
  • We believe that Freedom of Expression is a legitimate right for all citizens, and we oppose all forms of injustice, enslavement, oppression and abuse of power.
  • We believe that Freedom of the Press is an acquired right, a duty of the government, and an indicator of progress and development in all fields.
  • We respect the Charter of Human Rights and oppose all forms of extremism, racism, sectarianism and discrimination in dealing with citizens, and we believe in equal rights and duties among the Lebanese in all their belonging.
  • We deal seriously with the issue of growing number of refugees in Lebanon and call for immediate measures to begin the process of return to their homelands if safe areas are found, taking into account the security of the refugees and their difficult social conditions. We call for the establishment of a Ministry of Refugee Affairs to ensure a scientific approach to this important issue.
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